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  • Time: 2014-09-28
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It is a Telephone Networking Alarm Console with LCD display and 4*4 keyboard, and there are 16 zones (8 wireless zones + 8 wired zones). It works with wireless remote controllers (up to 8 remote controllers), various wireless/wired detectors, sensor switch, hand button, and foot switch and wireless/wired sirens. And they make up a completed safeguard system to guard against theft, fire, and so on. It can be stored up to 5 groups of pre-set telephone numbers (fixed/mobile telephone number and pager number). Once alarm happens, the main unit will activate siren to make alarm sound immediately; and dial pre-set telephone numbers at the same time. It is widely used in residence, marketplace, finance system and enterprise.
Main Features of Wireless Network Auto Dailing Fire Alarm
* It is easy to operate with 4*4 keyboard and lattice LCD display.
* Voice pre-recorded. It guides to operate by sound and correctly reports alarm information when alarming.
* 8-wired + 8 wireless zones
* 8 sub zones can be programmed independently. And the zone list can be set freely in each sub zone, 8 remote controllers and 8 user’s codes can separately program for 8 sub zones to ARM/DISARM independently.
* Code classification, 1 installer code, 1 master code, and 8 common user ‘s codes.
* Support to ADEMCO CONTACT ID communication protocol
* 5 groups of telephone numbers (mobile and pager number) can be set.
* DTMF (double-tone multi frequency) and pulse dialing mode are available.
* Alarm delay time (00-99 seconds) and Arm delay time (00-99 seconds) can be set for appointed zones.
* Completed self-check function, Main unit/detector disassembly, AC power cut, backup battery lower of main unit and detector will activate alarming.
* Wired zone respond speed is 50ms-750ms, and the circuit types (Normal Open, Normal Close and Line-end resistance) can be set freely to connect with all kinds of wired detector.
* Linkage with wired/wireless Siren
Technologic Parameter of Wireless Network Auto Dailing Fire Alarm
Power Supply
AC220V±15%, (Optional battey:12V/7Ah lead-acid battery)
Auxiliary Output Power
less than 550mA
Siren Output Current
less than1.5A
Wireless Working Frequency
Working Environment
26.4*26*8cm (L*W*H) excluding length of antenna
(Excluding backup battery)
Total Output Current
≤1.5A (the current of outer current should not over it)
Wireless Communication Distance
The distance between PIR detector and alarm host
(in open area≥400m)
The distance between wireless door sensor and alarm host
(in open area≥200m)
The distance between wireless siren and alarm host
(in open area ≥400m)
Wireless Network Auto Dailing Fire Alarm

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